Downtown San Diego has recently been graced with the opening of Vin de Syrah Spirit & Wine Parlor.  It is located at 5th and E.  You walk down the urban stairway and amongst the graffiti; there is a lush wall of greens and a single gold door handle.  When entering Syrah, you are transferred to Alice’s Wonderland with oversized chairs and booths, mystical wall murals and coverings and interesting pieces of wood with upside down parasols and butterflies sprinkled here and there. 

The hipster staff is laid back and they have great unknown vintages and brands on their wine list.  Syrah has some tasty little snacks in the form of meat, cheese and dessert plates- which are pretty light so don’t expect a full meal.  It is a great spot to camp out with groups- big or small- and with most late nights come a dj and the scene becomes very lively. 

One really cool experience that Syrah does is wine tasting paired with small bites with beverage director Adam Stemmler at their large group table (a steal at around $20 per person). 

Syrah won’t stay hidden for too long…


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